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About us

Our History

Pishdad Sanat Akam Novin Company is one of the strongest and largest companies active in the field of design, construction, purchase, installation and execution of piping equipment, powerhouses, refineries, pharmaceutical, food, automotive and petrochemical industries, which employs a team of expert engineers, experienced managers and graduates from the top universities in the country, as well as observing all engineering principles in accordance with domestic and foreign standards, different implementation methods with high quality and fast project implementation, to establish a company.

  • Occupational health safety
  • Paying attention to employees' lives
  • Paying attention to environmental health
  • Superior quality and employer satisfaction

Our projects

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About Us

Mission & Vision

  • Upgrading the company's positionEffective presence in national plans and projects
  • Trying for employers' satisfactionContinuous and consistent improvement of quality and speed in project implementation
  • Committed to employees health protection Reduction of work-related accidentsProtecting employers' capital by identifying, assessing, controlling and targeting occupational hazards to reduce risk during the projects
  • Committed to environmental protectionPrevent water, soil and air pollution by following the rules while working